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We have been using Swept Away for nearly a year. I wanted to find a cleaner who shared my environmental ethos and i found it! I love that all of her cleaning products are natural. Suzannah has also suggested some great ways for us to reduce our rubbish going to landfill. eg compost bucket, additional plastics recycling.
Our kitchen always looks so spotless after a clean. Very happy to recommend!

Arriving home after Suzannah and her eco-friendly angels is always a treat. The attention to detail they show is consistently impressive and the clean to a standard I’ve never been able to achieve myself. The place feels phenomenally clean and fresh but never with a harsh chemical odour. All those friends and colleagues I’ve recommended Swept Away to have soon become raving fans like me. Treat your home to a Swept Away treatment.

Suzannah leaves my house clean like I’ve never seen! Every nook and cranny sparkles…all the tiny details other cleaners miss Suzanne ensures are flawless. Plus she does sweet little things like fill my house with flowers! The best cleaner ever!

Suzannah and her team are nothing short of amazing! They are easy to book at short notice, arrive on time, and leave my house looking sparkling!!!! I often come home to little goodies, like fresh cut flowers. Such a treat at the end of the day!!!

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Thank you so much the house is just perfect it has made me feel so much calmer!! I wish I could get you all the time you are seriously the best cleaner ever! Thank you again!!

I just came home to the most beautiful clean flat!!!! Thank you so much 🙂 it’s wonderful!!

We are super happy with the house, it’s so beautiful and fresh! Thank you so much. I especially love the little flowers everywhere! And the clean heater! I am still discovering all the little touches.

I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the swept away team. They are always committed to delivering the very best of service and have consistently exceeded my expectations. I cannot describe how wonderful it feels to come home after a long day at work to a gleaming house which feels brand new after getting the swept away treatment. What makes them different is their attention to detail and commitment to ensuring their clients’ needs and lifestyle are considered. You will be amazed at the difference swept away can make to your life – getting those hours back you would have spent cleaning is invaluable.

swept away is the kind of cleaning company you want to find and hold onto. They are passionate and knowledgeable about environmentally friendly cleaning methods, and it shows in their work. I love coming home to find everything looking, smelling and feeling so beautiful and fresh. The fact that they don’t use harsh and dangerous chemicals is important to us with our little kids and because we care about the environment. I love swept away’s attention to detail. They put time and effort into making everything shine. They even empty the crumbs out of the toaster! I also love that they are thoughtful and pro-active, for example, they recently organized for our carpets to be steam-cleaned in conjunction with their regular visit; this was something we had planned to do but hadn’t got around to for three years! I highly recommend swept away.

After having an exhausting week packing and putting all my clothes, furniture etc into a storage container and working full time, I was too tired to clean and swept away came to the rescue. I wanted a good job done as it’s awful going to a new house and it’s dirty. Also after four years there’s quite a lot of dust, dirt etc. Suzannah and her team came in with their special brand of cleaning organics, everything smelt so nice, the walls were cleaned, the carpets, the house looked brand new! It was a great relief and saved me time. I can absolutely recommend swept away for their kindness and thoroughness in doing the job, I knew I could trust them. Thanks very much swept away.

Suzannah’s attention to detail in cleaning the house has been fantastic. Her attitude has always been enthusiastic, professional, accommodating and friendly. For more than two years now the house has been magically cleaned while we’re at work. Highly recommended.

Suzannah has been cleaning my house for several years now and I am very happy to leave the house in swept away‘s capable hands. It’s reassuring to know she’s using environmentally safe cleaning products and the house always smells wonderful and fresh after she’s worked there. I am also forever grateful that she alerted me to the benefits of solar panels for electricity. I would recommend her to anyone.

Suzannah and her swept away team have been cleaning our house for more than a year – initially after an injury, but now there’s no way I’d ever go back. The feeling of walking through the door, seeing a spotless house and feeling so relaxed after a busy day is completely amazing. I think what sets Suzannah apart is the attention to detail – apart from cleaning she’s so involved in the local community that I have become involved by proxy – composting, finding out about local food swaps and figuring out green cleaning has been completely unexpected, and adds another dimension to this incredible service.

swept away combines the highest quality work with care and kindness – it has sensitivity for who the householder is. I feel very lucky in finding swept away. It’s a first class cleaning service that always gives me a feeling of wellbeing.